About the Designer & Owner
Ximena Loya
Mom of three, life is never dull. Designing, knitting and sewing helps me relax after a crazy day between a crawling teething baby, homework and kids activites.
I was born in Argentina into a family of women who knew how to knit.  But only my grandmother had the patience to teach me the skill.  At the age of 12, she gave me a generous 10 minutes to learn how to knit and instantly I fell in  love.  By the time I was 13, my family moved to Belarus (next to Russia) and any leisure time I had was lost in the hustle and bustle of getting adjusted to our new home.

Eleven years ago, life gave me the opportunity to fall in loveall over again with those wonderful bamboo needles and the delicacy of baby alpaca, cashmere, and cotton.  I'm grateful for my husband who encouraged me to pursue this hobby and passion.

I now have three babies who are a big source of my inspiration—my first born is named Elle.  She and my other 2 kids are the reason I love making baby clothes and can’t seem to stop dreaming up more ideas.

Most of my knitting items are creations of my own imagination.  This means you will not find a knitting pattern that has been mass-produced or even reproduced.  I use only crème-de-la-crème yarn for my projects and believe that beauty is in the details.

Each item in my store is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece. I can and will duplicate of anything in my store in any size and/or color you wish.  Just ask!